Cask Ales


Light Premium A.P.A. 4.5%

A light lemon zest aroma with gentle floral notes gives way to a subtle, nutty malt backbone and delicate fruit. The gentle bitter finish is clean with citrus hop characteristics.

Amber Eyes

Golden Ale 4.2%

A rich and well balanced golden amber ale with complex floral aromas, rounded light biscuit malt flavours and a well mannered bitter finish.

Blonde Bird

Golden Pale Ale 3.9%

A Refreshing pale ale. Made using top quality Bavarian lager malts and Hallertauer hops combined with an English ale yeast to give this real ale a well-rounded dry finish. We dry hop with New Zealand Nelson for a subtle lemon fresh aroma.

Good Ordinary

Bitter 3.8%

A classic English style session bitter. Using Warminster Maltings pale malt combined with toasted malts to give this conker brown ale a delicious nutty flavour. English hops add a subtle bitterness making a traditional ale with good rounded flavours and an extra layer of freshness from the addition of dry hops.


Dark Amber Ale 4.6%

B46 has a good balance of warm biscuity malt flavours moving towards toast and blackberry, which linger on the palate assisting a clean hoppy finish.

Tree Frog

Hoppy Pale Ale 4.9%

Pale malts and seven different hops give this fresh, grassy ale and incredibly refreshing zesty spin.


American Brown Ale 4.4%

This American style brown ale is a delicious balance of lightly toasted English malts and punchy Cascade hops. Delightfully quaffable with a great bitter finish.


Porter 5.4%

Dark chocolate and rich, deep roasted malt flavours, perfectly balanced with a clean dry bitter finish. Gloriously dark yet thirst quenching and moreish!

Rainbow Eyes

Copper Ale 5.2%

This bright copper ale with rounded biscuit malt structure has complex hop characteristics from a combination of European and American hops. First trialled in 2015 this popular beer is back!


Session Bitter 3.1%

An easy drinking session bitter. Good bitterness with a backbone of biscuit malt. Grassy spice coming through and a pleasant clean citrus hop finish.

White Bird

Witte Bier 5.1%

A cloudy light straw beer in the Belgian style, with hints of spice and bitter orange. A refreshing beer for summer days

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