About us

How we started Greyhound Brewery


We are both practicing artists, working in wood, metal, glass and ceramics. We live and work from our adapted former Southern Water workshops in West Sussex.

We both enjoy food, wine and cooking - even make our own sourdough bread - and brewing has really been an extension of this wide ranging interest …..a hobby that promises to take over!

It all started in 2012 following a visit to Portland, Oregon where we were both inspired by the brewpub culture and the wonderful beers! Nick bought a whole grain brewing kit and we set about making our first brew in the kitchen. The results were surprisingly good and the pleasure of bottling our own beer had us both hooked!

Over the next two years the equipment we had steadily increased in size and the product was refined, giving samples away to anyone who was up for trying some free beer….and there was no shortage of tasters! Relatively early on, the beer making moved out of the kitchen and into the garage.

It was never the intention for this to become a business venture, (we already had one of those!), but we enjoyed the making process, experimenting with flavours, learning to understand the grains, hops and yeasts and what taste variations small changes would make. Also, the feedback from our tasters was consistently positive which made us think ‘lets give it a go’.

Nick bottling first 'large' 500ml batch

Seemed a lot at the time

So in 2014 both cars became homeless and the double garage was taken over by third hand 5 barrel brewing equipment.

The equipment came to us from Phil Halls at Grain Brewery in Norfolk, they had won gold awards for beer using the equipment, as had its former owners Castle Rock, so there was a always a bit of pressure to continue the tradition (we have just entered our first competition, so watch this space for updates!). Phil was kind enough to let us spend a day with him assisting in a brew using his new equipment, giving us a greater understanding of how to work on a larger scale.

Big kit delivered!

Getting our new kit positioned, connected and tested took a few months, and it was a struggle working out just what everything did! Luckily we had Phil on the other end of the phone helping us when we were lost, and eventually we did our first trial brew in November 2014.

Over the next few months we spent time changing a few bits of minor equipment to make various processes easier in our small space. In March 2015 we finally got our beer out there locally and have been buoyed up by the positive comments it has been receiving ever since.

We remain a very small brewery focusing on good flavour and experimenting with ingredients, currently supplying our beer cask conditioned to local pubs and beer festivals and our bottled beer to local and London based restaurants.

Tasting session

The Brewhouse 2015