Why Greyhound...?

We used to be proud owners of a beautiful car called an AC Greyhound. The weekend the car was first delivered to us we had some friends come to stay bringing a gorgeous Italian Greyhound puppy named Fabio with them!
We spent a lot of time fixing up the Greyhound, which had been dormant in a garage for 40 years.

We had a few fantastic trips in her and even made it to Le Mans for the Classic and raced around the circuit at Goodwood!
It was about this time we decided to turn the brewery into something much larger subsequently the car has been re-homed and the garage has been taken over by the brewery.
The name Greyhound Brewery seemed an obvious choice, sounded good and stuck!

Amber Eyes

The name for this beer is directly linked to the name of the brewery. For many years Nick has had a lovely old wooden walking stick handle in the shape of a greyhound head. We used to keep it in the glove box of the car. Elongated and well-worn it is smooth and beautiful to handle – and has amber eyes.

Birdie facts...

Why The Bird??
We have always designed our own logos and labels, and early in the process we were trying to utilize a stylised greyhound walking stick on our bottle labels, but without luck! The image and designs looked great on paper but as soon as we wrapped what is a very long snout around a beer bottle it would distort and bend up or down depending on the angle you held the bottle – we couldn’t make it work.

So we decided to think again.....we had the name Greyhound on the label, we had the G (which is from an old neon garage sign and hangs in our Brewhouse) so did we need a dog too?.... it can be anything we want on the label… it could be a bird...

The very first ‘yellow bird’ was sketched by Nick and we added it to the rest of our designs. It worked with the label instantly and now features on everything we do!